Piano and Organ

Alexandra Lewis 

Alexandra Lewis, Coordinator

The piano programs at the Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College offer students in the Performance and Education degree courses an in-depth study of the repertoire for the instrument, developing stylistic interpretive skills and emphasizing performance practice in all styles of music. The required Piano Repertory Classes help students enhance their knowledge of piano repertoire and interpretation by means of weekly open studio classes, which give students the opportunity to play for their peers and the experience of regular public performance. Additionally, a Piano Practicum class provides students with the fundamental tools needed for accompanying and sight reading in professional situations. The distinguished faculty is unique at Brooklyn College as they are active performers as well, specializing in areas of standard piano literature, contemporary music, and jazz studies. The students are further encouraged to premiere new music written by their colleagues in the composition department, which fosters a unique and healthy environment and strengthens relationships between pianists and composers.