Guitar / Harp

Musical examples listed in parentheses are recommended but may be substituted by works of comparable length and technical difficulty.


  • Two major works in contrasting styles (i.e., a Baroque suite and Romantic sonata)
  • A concert etude (such as by Villa-Lobos)
  • A work from the twentieth century (Henze, Brouwer, Krenek, etc.)
  • Sight reading


  • A prelude from the Bach-Renie Well-Tempered Clavier or an etude from the Bach-Grandjany Etudes.
  • A major work for solo harp (Fauré Impromptu, Hindemith Sonata, etc.)
  • A major harp cadenza (Britten Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, Donizetti-Salzedo Lucia di ammermoor, etc.)
  • Sight reading