Musical examples listed in parentheses are recommended but may be substituted by works of comparable length and technical difficulty. Music performance applicants must perform all works by memory with the possible exception of challenging contemporary music. All other applicants must perform at least one piece by memory.


  • A prelude and fugue, English Suite, or Partita by J.S. Bach
  • A work by a composer of the French School (Rameau, Couperin)
  • A pair of Scarlatti Sonatas
  • Sight reading


  • A prelude and fugue, Toccata and Fugue, or Passacaglia and Fugue by J.S. Bach (from Peters edition, volumes 2, 3 or 4)
  • A large chorale prelude by J.S. Bach (from Peters edition, volume 6 or 7)
  • A fast movement from a Trio Sonata by J.S. Bach (from Peters edition, volume 1)
  • A major Romantic work by Franck or Mendelssohn
  • One pre-Baroque work
  • One post-Romantic work
  • Sight reading


  • A work by J.S. Bach containing a fugue
  • A complete Classical-era sonata
  • A substantial work from the Romantic period
  • A substantial work from Impressionism or early Modernism to the present day
  • An étude of virtuosity
  • Sight reading