The Advanced Certificate in Music Education allows dedicated students to earn their New York State teaching license in one year.

Advanced Certificate

Music Education

The applicant must hold an undergraduate degree in music completed with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher, including one course in human development and one course in philosophy of education. An interview with the deputy director of the conservatory is required. In addition, the applicant must pass a performance audition and submit LAST scores.


Applicants for the program must a) have completed a bachelor's degree in music or music performance at a U.S. institution or professional equivalent, or a non-U.S. equivalent institutional degree, and b) pass a live audition before Conservatory faculty at an advanced level that demonstrates clear promise as a performer (or submit a recent video, from within the last six months, that demonstrates same). Please contact Prof. Alexandra Lewis, Graduate Performance Advisor, for more information on audition requirements. A request for an audition appointment may be made by telephone to the Conservatory office or by filling out the online Graduate Audition Request Form.

PIMA (Performance and Interactive Media Arts)

The applicant must offer an undergraduate or graduate degree completed with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher, letters of recommendation and a portfolio of works, which may consist of work in any medium. An interview with the director of the PIMA program is required.