Musical examples listed in parentheses are recommended but may be substituted by works of comparable length and technical difficulty. Proficiency in each of the following three areas is expected.


  • Scales, all keys: major, minor, chromatic, through two octaves
  • A technical study (Modern School of Xylophone by M. Goldenberg)
  • One solo work (such as the first or third movement from Violin Concerto in A minor by J.S. Bach)
  • Sight reading

Snare Drum

  • A technical study (Etudes in Modern School for Snare Drum by M. Goldenberg)
  • Excerpt passages from the standard symphonic repertory (Third Symphony by William Schuman)
  • Sight reading


  • Singing of all intervals and tuning the drums in 4ths, 5ths, and octaves
  • Technical studies (two each of the two-drum and three-drum exercises from Modern Method for Timpani by S. Goodman)
  • Excerpt passages from any Beethoven symphony
  • Sight reading