Music performance applicants must perform all works by memory, although exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis with departmental approval. All other applicants must perform at least one piece by memory.

(Musical examples listed in parentheses are recommended but may be substituted by works of comparable length and technical difficulty.)


B.Mus. in music performance applicants:

  • One work by J.S. Bach containing a fugue
  • The first movement of a Classical-era sonata
  • One work from the Romantic period
  • One work from the Impressionist or early-Modernist eras to the present day
  • Sight reading

All non-performance applicants (B.A. in music, B.Mus. in music composition, B.Mus. in music education):

  • A work from the Baroque or Classical era
  • A composition of the applicant's choice
  • Sight reading


  • An invention, prelude or movement from a French Suite by J.S. Bach
  • One movement of a work by a composer of the French School (Rameau, Couperin)
  • A Scarlatti sonata
  • Sight reading


  • One work from the standard 18th-century repertory (a prelude and fugue from the Eight Little Preludes and Fugues by J.S. Bach, or other work of comparable length and technical level)
  • One work from the standard repertory of a period other than the 18th century
  • Sight reading