Brooklyn College Library

Brooklyn College Library contains collections totaling 1.2 million volumes, 5,000 periodical subscriptions, and significant electronic, audiovisual, and microform holdings. The Library adds approximately 15,000 new titles each year to its comprehensive humanities, social sciences, and sciences collections. The Library serves 16,000 students and a full-time faculty of 600.

The Brooklyn College library, completely renovated in the fall of 2002, now encompasses nearly 280,000 square feet of space. Expanded seating (up from 600 seats to 2317 seats) and stack areas (up from 5,248 shelf units to 6,700 shelf units), with an emphasis on advanced technology in library services, enhance the library's role as the central information resource of the college.

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Walter W. Gerboth Music Library

The music library is located on the second floor of the Brooklyn College Library. Named in honor of its principal founder and first librarian, respected teacher and scholar Walter W. Gerboth, this library offers facilities for music study, research, and listening.

Established more than thirty years ago, and augmented by substantial bequests, the collection comprises scores, collected works, phonograph recordings, tapes, compact discs, music and dance videos, CD-ROMS, playback equipment for on-site listening, and general and specialized books about music and dance, as well as a fine selection of periodicals, yearbooks, and online reference works. Subject strengths lie in American music and performance scores, The collection is complimented by that of the Institute for Studies in American Music.

Library Café

The Library Café is an around-the-clock study facility boasting 50 high-end internet connected computers, both PC and MAC.A wide variety of popular applications are available for students, along with high-speed internet access. It is one of the campus's favorite meeting spots, with comfortable study and social areas, a knowledgeable staff, and a Starbuck's Coffee kiosk.The Library Café also offers free computer workshops every weekend to all Brooklyn College students, with subjects running the gamut from word processing to internet exploration.