Accomplishments of Current Students and Doctoral Alumni

The effectiveness of the doctoral program is reflected by accomplishments and productivity of current students and doctoral alumni. Current students appear as authors on 41 peer-reviewed journal articles and 108 presentations at national and international scientific conferences. Ph.D. graduates from the previous seven years hold positions in academia, government and industry, including professorships; analytic specialists and lead researchers at legal and marketing consultation firms; and research psychologist at the U.S. Army Research Lab.

Name Ph.D. Awarded Current Position
Michael Brown 2011 Assistant Professor SUNY College at Oneonta
Vincent Campese 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow NYU Center for Neural Studies
Kendall Eskine 2011 Assistant Professor Loyola University
Kate Nutter-Upham 2011 Adjunct Faculty Loyola University
Michael Magee 2011 Psychology Faculty Bard High School Early College
Allison Pulizzi 2011 Senior Administrative Policy Analyst Office of Human Resources Management, CUNY
Louis Alfieri 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
Paul Bruening 2010 Lead Researcher, Founder PRB Research LLC (Market Research Consultancy)
Melody R. Goldman 2010 Behavioral Therapist; Lecturer Private Practice
Tina Rovito Gomez 2010 Behavioral Therapist Institute for Behavioral Research in Staten Island
Steven P. Noel 2010 Social Scientist U.S. Government
Janina L. Scarlet 2010 Re-specialization student Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University
Rommel Robertson 2009 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Farmingdale State College
Yunglin Gazes 2008 Postdoctoral Research Scientist Taub Institute, Columbia University
Gabriella Brick Larki 2008 Research Psychologist U.S. Army Research Lab
Zohn Rosen 2008 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Marymount Manhattan College
Kelloir L. Smith 2008 Marketing Research PhaseOne Communications (marketing research)
Teresa Tannazzo 2008 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, St. Joseph's College
Sarah Weinberger 2007 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Marymount Manhattan College
Lucy Arnot 2006 Research Associate Trials Partner Inc (research industry)
Yana Durmysheva 2006 Assistant Professor CUNY BMCC
Akiko Fuse 2006 Postdoctoral Student Speech and Language Pathology, Columbia University
Alex Kranjec 2006 Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
Ryan Jeffrey Winter 2006 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Florida International University
Lisa Chrzanowski 2005 Analytic Specialist PhaseOne Communications (marketing research)
Pasquale Frisina 2005 Assistant Professor Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Anatoliy Kharkurin 2005 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, American University of Sharjah
Leib Litman 2005 Assistant Professor Touro College
Noam Fischman 2004 Assistant Professor Touro College of Israel
Rachel Marsch 2003 Assistant Professor Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Columbia University
Cara Misiurski 2003 Assistant Professor Department of Psychology, Community College of Rhode Island
Christopher Smith 2003 Vice President/Research Director Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center