Environmental Studies

Channel your passion for environmental issues into a practical career that can help save the planet.

The deteriorating condition of the global environment and efforts to save it are two of the most pressing issues on the national and international agendas. Our environmental studies program examines the dynamic relationship between social and natural systems through the interdisciplinary lens of sustainability. You will examine the trade-offs between environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability. Our place-based, problem-solving approach to learning takes advantage of our urban setting. You will have the opportunity to examine firsthand the causes of the urban sustainability problems of the 21st century, and devise solutions that promote environmental protection, social equity and economic vitality. With your degree in hand, you will be well-equipped for "green collar" careers in public policy, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations.

Contact Information

Director: Brett Branco

Location: 3137 Ingersoll Hall
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