Degree Planner for the Minor in Biochemistry

Undergraduate Advisement (Minor Code 012)
Updated Fall 2014

Requirements for the minor in biochemistry are presented below. You should meet with your major adviser at least once every other semester to review your progress. Please print this page or the pdf and bring it with you when you see the departmental adviser.

All of the following courses are required — {F} = Fall offerings; {S} = Spring offerings; * = Writing Intensive

  • CHEM 1100 — General Chemistry I (or CHEM 1050 and CHEM 2050 — General Chemistry IA&IB)
  • CHEM 2100 — General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 3511 / 3512 — Organic Chemistry I Lecture / Lab
  • CHEM 3521 / 3522 — Organic Chemistry II Lecture / Lab
  • CHEM 4570 {F} — Biochemistry I
  • CHEM 4581 {S} — Biochemistry II Lectures (or CHEM 4580 {S} — Biochemistry II)
  • BIOL 2073 {F} — Cell and Molecular Biology

Plus one of the following courses is required:       

  • CHEM 3410 — Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 3415W* — Writing Intensive Analytical Chemistry
  • BIOL 2074 {S} — Laboratory in Euraryotic Cell Biology and Physiology

Chemistry Majors

Chemistry majors that minor in biochemistry may use any and all credits earned in CHEM 4570, 4580 and/or 4581 to fulfill the advanced course credit requirement for the chemistry degree as well as the course requirement for the minor in biochemistry.

Chemistry Advisement

The undergraduate adviser is Assistant Professor Emilio Gallicchio. Students interested in declaring a biochemistry minor, or discussing biochemistry or chemistry graduate schools are strongly urged to meet with him as soon as possible to plan their course of study. Please contact him by e-mail and include your CUNYFirst EMPLID number.