Department Facilities

Computer Lab

Located in 326 Ingersoll Hall Extension, the computer lab is maintained through student technology fees and was refurbished in summer 2005. The lab has 40 desktop computers, printer, DVD/VCR player, LCD projector and ceiling-to-floor screen. Internet access is available from all computers. Software programs include various nutrition assessment programs, SPSS and SAS.

Foods Lab

The Foods Lab, 111 Roosevelt Hall, is equipped with tools and technology for students to develop and advance hands-on skills with and knowledge of varied aspects of food.

The 30' x 20' lab contains a central sitting area surrounded by a demonstration unit and lab stations equipped with a sink, stove, counter and cabinet with basic tools. Larger support and supply equipment runs the perimeter of the lab. An adjacent pantry provides additional work and storage space for lab materials.

In the laboratory, students typically receive a demonstration or instructions that complement their didactic learning. In pairs or small groups, the students receive and then proceed with assigned projects, communicating with their peers and instructor during the process. They demonstrate their acquired knowledge and abilities in varied aspects of food handling through their lab exercises, presentation, evaluation and discussion. These include culinary techniques, food safety and sanitation, socio-cultural food consumption issues and trends, food production, sourcing, sustainability and environmental issues related to food, promotion of pleasurable, nutritious and balanced eating, applied sensory evaluation of food, applied food science principles, awareness of cultural diversity and its influence on individual food choices, with skills in communication and  effective action.

Physiology Lab

Located in 4200 Ingersoll Hall.