Undergraduate Nutrition Program (DPD) Fees

Laboratory Fees

The following lab fees are associated with certain DPD courses.

Course Description Course Number Materials Fee Explanation
Food Science Laboratory HNSC 2221 $25 Students are provided with materials or services that are not regularly supplied as a part of the course. The college does not derive any monetary benefit from these fees.
Foods of Diverse Population Laboratory HNSC 2223 $55
Human Physiology Laboratory HNSC 2301 $55

Exit Fee

An exit fee of $50 per student is charged upon receipt of verification statement.

Program Activities

The following additional fees are necessary for program activities.

Lab Coat Students may be required to wear and maintain a white lab coat for certain laboratory classes. $30–40
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Membership Students are strongly encouraged to join the academy.  $50
Professional Liability Insurance Students are required to obtain insurance prior to the start of fieldwork experiences. $30–40

DI Internship

Fees associated with the DI application.

D&D Digital Registration Dietetic internships select applicants through a computer matching process that is administered by D&D Digital. $50
DICAS DICAS charges $40 for the first DI you apply to and $20 for each additional program. Varies with number of applications
Supervised Practice Program Application Fees Some DIs charge additional fees when an application is submitted. Varies