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So many aspects of our daily lives — from computers to car culture — emphasize a dangerously stationary lifestyle over physical activity. You can help reverse the trend.

In an age of rising obesity rates, especially among our youth, you are well aware that increasing physical activity is among the nation's primary public health objectives. In our kinesiology programs, you will be introduced to a broad range of topics, from human anatomy to cardiac rehab to the theory and practice of sport, as you prepare for a career in education, medicine, physical and occupational therapy, or other health-related professions. Through both classroom instruction and practical, hands-on experience with our laboratory equipment and human physiology labs, you'll receive a first-rate education that you can customize toward the preventive, rehabilitative or training area of physical activity. And as a graduate of our programs, you'll reap the rewards of making a difference in the life of a sedentary child to whom you introduce physical fitness or working with physically challenged populations, no matter what their age.

Contact Information

Department Chairperson: Raymond W. Leung
Undergraduate Deputy: Laura Blitzer

Location: 428 West Quad
Phone: 718.951.5514
Fax: 718.951.4541