MaGI Project for Precalculus (MATH 1011)

Project MaGI [Ma(thematics) G(ateway) I(ntervention)], supported by a grant from CUNY and completed in academic year 2013, was aimed at reducing withdrawal rates in MATH 1011 via two interventions:

  1. Administration of a Precalculus Readiness Diagnostic administered in the first week of classes (fall 2013 and spring 2014), with aggressive advisement into MATH 1021 for students whose performance indicated weak preparation.
  2. Coordination of the content and pacing of the MATH 1011 sections. This was accomplished through the introduction of weekly recitation sections, one session for each lecture section. Recitations were conducted by a CUNY mathematics doctoral student and a peer mentor. The project director and course coordinator (Professor Anthony Clement) designed weekly problem sets for the recitations. The activities were designed to reinforce the conceptual material presented in lecture with a combination of standard exercises and open ended problems for discussion and guided discovery learning. Additionally, monthly coordination meetings were held for all of the instructional staff (lecture instructors, recitation leaders, and peer mentors) to discuss content, pacing and pedagogy.

Recitations were designed in collaboration with the Brooklyn College Learning Center. The director, Richard Vento, identified and trained the peer mentors. Since most of the recitations were held in that facility, MATH 1011 students had the opportunity to become acquainted with the services offered for courses in a variety of college departments.

Problem Sets

During each weekly recitation session, students would work on the following problem sets that the instructor would then go over and answer any inquiries students had regarding these problems.

Problem Set #1 Problem Set #2
Problem Set #3 Problem Set #4
Problem Set #5 Problem Set #6
Problem Set #7 Problem Set #8
Problem Set #9 Problem Set #10
Problem Set #11 Problem Set #12
Problem Set #13


The following were the recitation schedules for academic year 2013–14.

Spring 2014 Fall 2013

Precalculus Standard Curriculum

The Precalculus Standard Curriculum (pdf) provides a listing of the topics that are normally covered in Precalculus. Please keep in mind that each professor has a unique teaching style and hence may cover certain topics in more or less detail. The standard curriculum mainly serves as a guide as to what topics you should anticipate learning in Precalculus.

MATH 1011 Final Exams

Below are previous MATH 1011 final exams. You can use these to help prepare for your upcoming final or to practice solving problems to reinforce your math knowledge and boost your confidence.

Spring 2013 Fall 2013
Spring 2011 Fall 2011
Spring 2010 Fall 2010
Spring 2009 Fall 2009
Spring 2008 Fall 2008
Spring 2005 Fall 2005

Precalculus Help Resources

Brooklyn College Learning Center

The Learning Center, 1300 Boylan Hall, offers Brooklyn College students free peer tutoring in courses across the curriculum in a comfortable, supportive environment well stocked with computers and reference materials for student use. The center is open every weekday, some evenings, and weekends.

The Learning Center offers Precalculus tutors (as well as tutors for other mathematical subject areas). Please take advantage of this valuable resource, as these tutors can assist you with understanding the course material, help you prepare for an upcoming exam, and answer any other Precalculus inquiries you may have.

To find out more information about the Learning Center, please visit their website or call them at 718.951.5821.

Brooklyn College Library: "Mathematics — Study Help" Subject Guide

The "Mathematics — Study Help" Subject Guide offers a comprehensive list of links to free online resources for various mathematical subject areas, such as Precalculus. These resources can be of great value in supplementing your course material and help you reinforce concepts, view examples, solve practice problems, and boost your confidence.