Research Facilities

Experimental Facilities

We have an excellent suite of experimental facilities available on-site. A full list will be published here shortly. Faculty members regularly use large-scale national facilities such as neutron and synchrotron sources. Brookhaven National Laboratory is a little over two hours away from the college by car.

Theoretical Modelling

Theoretical modelling can be carried out at CUNY's High Performance Computing Center. In addition, the Physics Department has its own cluster (for more details, contact Nicolas Giovambattista).

Advanced Science Research Center

As a senior college in the CUNY system, all college members have access to the CUNY-wide Advanced Science Research Center. Due to be opened in 2014, this center will house nearly 400,000 square feet for state-of-the-art laboratories and offices, imaging facilities and an Electron Microscopy vivarium as well as a café and lecture hall.