Psychology Club

The mission of the Psychology Club is to inform students about the different fields of psychology, and about different aspects of graduate school in psychology; this will be accomplished by having speakers who can enlighten members about these issues; to provide tutoring in psychology in certain areas where tutoring is needed.

The Psychology Club is one of the most active clubs on campus and invites all undergraduates, whether or not they are psychology majors, to join and participate in its activities. Once a month, the club invites a faculty member to speak on a topic in psychology in which he or she is an expert. Topics have included hypnosis, biofeedback, family therapy and many others. Once a year, the club hosts a session dealing with careers in psychology and the graduate education necessary for them.

In addition, the Psychology Club has periodic parties and provides a nice social setting for students to get to know each other. If you are interested in joining the Psychology Club, leave your name and phone number at the Psychology Department's Undergraduate Office, 5315 James Hall.