Isabelle Barriere

Assistant Professor
Speech Communication Arts and Sciences

Location: 2149a Ingersoll Hall
Phone: 718.951.5000 x3061
Fax: 718.951.4167

Isabelle Barriere's research has been funded by European (UK ESRC) and American grant-giving organizations (NSF, NYC-Board of Education) and focuses on the acquisition of different languages (English, French, Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Yiddish); dual language learning; early literacy; typical and impaired development; intervention and the link between theories, education and the clinic. She is affiliated with the Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society and the doctoral programs in Language, Speech and Hearing Sciences at the Graduate Center and in Psychology at Brooklyn College. She also co-directs Yeled V'Yalda Research Institute, located in the largest Head Start program in New York that houses her research laboratory ( To watch and listen to a panel Yiddish to which she contributed on Oct. 14, 2014, go to:

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