Mission Statement

The program in speech-language pathology is designed to engage students from diverse backgrounds in scientific and scholarly inquiry in the processes of human communication and related disorders of speech, language and hearing. The program is committed to providing students with the most current research-based academic and clinical education, and to stimulate ongoing pursuit of knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. As an academic and clinical discipline, the program seeks to maintain the highest professional standards of research, teaching and service delivery, and to promote free exchange of ideas, ethical decision-making, and the sense of personal and social responsibility.

As part of the Department of Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, we endeavor to train our students to be exemplary communicators, to understand the foundations of human communication, to recognize disorder, and to distinguish disorder from difference. Our mission includes service to the college and community through research which expands the horizons of our knowledge, which enables communication to succeed when it is impaired or ineffective, and which ennobles human discourse.