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CLAS 2114 The Road to Science Fiction

3 hours; 3 credits

Historical survey on the development, significance, and projected future of the literary and cinematic genre of Science Fiction. Readings may include Lucian, Plato, Plutarch, Miller, Stephenson, Collins, Poe, Lake, and Godwin, films such as The Matrix, Gattaca, and Serenity, and the television series Doctor Who, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone. (Not open to students who have completed Core Curriculum 3114.) 2017-2018 and 2018-2019: Satisfies Pathways College Option requirement.

Prerequisite: English 1010 or permission of the department and junior standing.


The City University reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in academic programs and requirements of the university and its constituent colleges without advanced notice. Students are advised to consult regularly with college and department counselors concerning their programs of study.

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