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You constantly ponder life's greatest questions: What is our place in the universe? How does one determine good versus bad? Where did it all begin, and what is reality anyway? The Department of Philosophy can give you the tools to try to sort it all out. You will improve your reasoning, analytic and judgment skills, and you'll enhance your ability to develop and defend positions. Your philosophy courses will do more than just help you understand what it's all about; they'll prepare you for a wide range of careers — in law, business, finance, management and technology — by cultivating your abilities to think critically and creatively about complex problems, and to express yourself with confidence and clarity.

Writing Tutoring Is Now Available in the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department's writing tutor, Nick Fuller, has now set up his tutoring schedule for the spring 2015 semester. Click here to view Nick's tutoring hours. He can assist students with brainstorming ideas; crafting outlines, thesis statements and transitions; and organizing and developing thoughts for students' papers. He can help students with every step of the writing process from line editing to putting the paper in MLA or APA format. You can either stop by during Nick's office hours or e-mail him to schedule an appointment. We encourage students to take advantage of Nick's tutoring throughout the semester.

PHIL 2101 Tutoring Is Now Available in the Learning Center

The Learning Center (1300 Boylan Hall) offers tutors for PHIL 2101: Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy. Michael Perrin and Siminya Massias will be serving as the PHIL 2101 tutors for the spring 2015 semester. The tutors can assist students with their class readings and assignments. Click here to view the Phil 2101 tutoring hours in the Learning Center. If you are a PHIL 2101 student who is having difficulty understanding any of the concepts being taught, wishes to clarify or gain a better understanding of reading selections, or seeks advice on how to improve your assignments, we encourage you to take advantage of the tutoring offered by the Learning Center throughout the semester.

Philosophy Department Sprague & Taylor Annual Lecture:
How Women Changed the Course of Philosophy

Speaker: Christia Mercer, Gustave M. Berne Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University
Monday, April 20, 2015, Starts at 3:30 p.m., Gold Room, Student Center

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce that this year’s Sprague & Taylor Annual Lecture speaker is Christia Mercer. Professor Mercer is the Gustave M. Berne Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and a pre-eminent scholar of early modern philosophy. Professor Mercer will speak about the contributions female philosophers from the 13th through the 17th century have made to modern philosophy. For details of the talk, please see the abstract below.

This year’s Sprague & Taylor Lecture will be held on Monday, April 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM in the Gold Room in the Student Union Building (SUBO) at Brooklyn College. All are warmly welcome to attend! For details, please email Robert Lurz or Andrew Arlig.

Abstract: The story we tell about the development of early modern philosophy was invented by German Neo-Kantians about 150 years ago. Created to justify its proponents’ version of philosophy, it is a story that ignores the complications of seventeenth-century philosophy and its sources. In this lecture, Professor Christia Mercer uncovers the real story behind early modern rationalism and shows that many of its most original components have roots in the philosophical contributions made by women.

Click here to view the event flier.

Major and Minor Checklists

To help track your progress toward completing your major and/or minor, you can download a checklist from our website by going to the Checklists for Majors and Minors page (under the Advising tab).

Advice About Applying to Philosophy M.A. and Ph.D. Programs

Please view our Graduate School Information page (under the Advising tab).

What's New?

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Brooklyn College Chapter Group Meeting

The Brooklyn College Chapter of MAP will be holding a meeting on Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm in 3308 Boylan Hall (Philosophy Department Lounge). This meeting is open to all Brooklyn College students who are interested in learning more about the group and potentially participating in its events and activities. For more information, please view the flier.

Spring 2015: Faculty Contact Information and Office Hours

To view instructors' contact information (email, phone, office) and office hours, please see the Faculty (Complete Listing & Office Hours) page.

Spring 2015: Registration Has Begun and Course Descriptions Are Now Available!

As spring 2015 registration is now under way, we have compiled a packet of course descriptions written by instructors teaching those courses. We hope these descriptions will help you make informed decisions as you plan your spring schedule. If you run into any issues registering for a Philosophy class, feel free to contact us.

Please view the Spring 2015 Course Descriptions page for more information.

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