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Find the Meaning of Life at Brooklyn College. 

You constantly ponder life's greatest questions: What is our place in the universe? How does one determine good versus bad? Where did it all begin, and what is reality anyway? The Department of Philosophy can give you the tools to try to sort it all out. You will improve your reasoning, analytic, and judgment skills, and you'll enhance your ability to develop and defend positions. Your philosophy courses will do more than just help you understand what it's all about; they'll prepare you for a wide range of careers—in law, business, finance, management, and technology—by cultivating your abilities to think critically and creatively about complex problems, and to express yourself with confidence and clarity.

Writing Tutoring in the Philosophy Department

If you are in need of assistance with your papers, essays, and other assignments—particularly in terms of grammar, structure, and overall form—then take advantage of the Philosophy Department's writing tutor, Chris Workoff. Chris can assist you with brainstorming ideas; crafting outlines, thesis statements, and transitions; and organizing and developing thoughts for papers. In addition, he can help you with every step of the writing process from line editing to putting the paper in MLA or APA format. For more information, refer to the handout "Free Writing Tutoring for Philosophy Students" (pdf) to view his tutoring hours and how to set up an appointment.

Chris has also provided an informational handout on "Some Elements and Guidelines of Writing to Consider" (pdf), which can come in handy while you compose your paper.

Philosophy Tutoring in the Learning Center

Andrew Rubner is serving as the Learning Center's Philosophy 2101 tutor for spring 2016. He can assist you with the class readings and assignments. If you are having difficulty understanding any of the concepts being taught, wish to clarify or gain a better understanding of reading selections, or seek advice on how to improve your assignments, we encourage you to take advantage of Andrew. View Andrew's flier to note his tutoring hours and things to keep in mind while studying philosophy.

Major and Minor Checklists

To help track your progress toward completing your major and/or minor, you can download a checklist from our website by going to the Checklists for Majors and Minors page (under the Advising tab).

Advice About Applying to Philosophy M.A. and Ph.D. Programs

Please view our Graduate School Information page (under the Advising tab).

What's New?

Spring 2016: Final Exam Schedule

Click here to view the Philosophy Department's spring 2016 final exam schedule. If you have any questions, contact us.

Fall 2016: Course Descriptions

Check out the Fall 2016 Course Descriptions Packet to read the descriptions composed by instructors highlighting what their classes will be focusing on. This packet will assist you in making an informed decision as to what courses you may want to enroll in. If you have any questions/concerns pertaining to a particular class, feel free to contact that professor at the e-mail address provided in the packet.

Fall 2016: Registering for PHIL 2101 Sections

PHIL 2101 sections that end with an "F" (for Learning Community), "Q" (for Seek), or "H" (for Honors Academy) are special sections for specific programs. If you are not enrolled in one of these programs, when you try to register for one of these special sections on CUNYfirst, the system will generate an error message saying something like "Department Permission Required." The Philosophy Department cannot override these restrictions. Regular sections of PHIL 2101 do not end with F, Q, or H. Regular sections of PHIL 2101 do not require permission.

Fall 2016: Overtally Policy

As fall 2016 enrollment is now under way, some sections may have already reached their enrollment capacity. In some cases, you might be able to get an overtally into a closed section of a course. If you want to find out how to go about requesting an overtally, view our Overtally Policy.

October 2015: New Transfer Credit Policy

Refer to the New Transfer Credit Policy document that states the department's updated policy regarding this matter. If you have any questions, contact us.

Newly Established Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Chapter at Brooklyn College

The Brooklyn College chapter of MAP aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy.

For more information about what MAP does, its website, and how to connect with our chapter on social media, as well as past and upcoming meetings, view the MAP Chapter page.

Contact Information

Department Chairperson: Andrew W. Arlig

Location: 3308 Boylan Hall
Phone: 718.951.5311
Fax: 718.951.4675