Find the meaning of life at Brooklyn College. 

You constantly ponder life's greatest questions: What is our place in the universe? How does one determine good versus bad? Where did it all begin, and what is reality anyway? The Department of Philosophy can give you the tools to try to sort it all out. You will improve your reasoning, analytic and judgment skills, and you'll enhance your ability to develop and defend positions. Your philosophy courses will do more than just help you understand what it's all about; they'll prepare you for a wide range of careers — in law, business, finance, management and technology — by cultivating your abilities to think critically and creatively about complex problems, and to express yourself with confidence and clarity.

Congratulations to our Class of 2014 Graduates!

You have worked hard to achieve this important milestone, and it is with great pride that we can now refer to each of you as Graduates of Brooklyn College’s Philosophy Department. A bachelor’s degree is the culmination of many years of hard work, beginning with the small steps in Freshman year and ending with the Seminars, Independent Studies, and advanced courses of Junior and Senior years. We, the Faculty, are honored to have been integral to that growth of knowledge, and we are gratified that each of the members of this class of 2014 has earned the titled of Bachelor of Arts.

We know that this is only the beginning of your success, and we hope to be a part of your future as you shoulder your responsibilities as educated women and men, eager to share your knowledge and mindful of your duties in the world. To quote a commencement speech of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, (who laid the first cornerstone in what was to be named Roosevelt Hall), we urge you “to pursue truths relentlessly and to look at them courageously”. Thus, as we congratulate you on your academic achievement, we simultaneously salute your futures. With boundless opportunities in front of you, we know each of you will do great honor to your alma mater.

The Philosophy Department of Brooklyn College is so proud of each of you.

Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship and Award Recipients!

Max Feist [The Stanley Malinovich Memorial Award]
Philip Coard [The Mildred Sheehan Scholarship]
Max Feist [The Stanley Malinovich Memorial Award]
Philip Coard [The Mildred Sheehan Scholarship]
Eric Grimm [The Beth J. Singer Scholarship]
Cecily Pinkerton [The Paul Taylor Scholarship]
Lucy Stack [The Kitty and Lou Newman Scholarship
Ed Smith [The Candace Groudine Human Rights Award]
Crystal Cheng [The Emily Michael Award]
William Cheung and James Repetti [The John Pickett Turner Philosophy Award]
Marco Poggio [The Franklin J. Matchette Award]
Casey Duncan [The Eric Steinberg Award]
Lucas Moline [The Philosophy Merit Award]
William Cheung and Lucy Stack [Departmental Honors]

For more information, please view the Departmental Honors, Awards, and Scholarships page.

Who is Teaching Our Courses?

To find out who is teaching our courses as well as other relevant course details, please view the Course Information page located under the "Current and Recent Course Offerings" tab.

What's New?

Fall 2014 Registration

To help you decide what courses to enroll in, we have put together a packet containing instructors' Fall 2014 course descriptions for the classes they will be teaching. Please take the time to look through this packet to find the courses you are interested in taking and to discover what each instructor will focus on. If you have further questions pertaining to a particular course, we encourage you to contact the instructor directly.

You can also find hard copies of the course descriptions on a table situated outside our department (3308 Boylan). Electronic versions of the course descriptions packet and the individual descriptions for each class can be found on the Fall 2014 Course Descriptions page.

Summer 2014 Course Information 

To find out who is teaching which courses for Summer Sessions I and II, course codes, room locations, and other relevant course details, please view the Course Information page.

CORC 1210 is Now PHIL 2101

Looking to register for CORC 1210? It has been renamed: it is now PHIL 2101. There are many sections with open seats. Call the department if you have any questions.

Major and Minor Checklists

To help track your progress towards completing your major and/or minor, you can download a checklist from our website by going to the Checklists for Majors & Minors page (under the Advising tab).

General Advice About Applying to Philosophy M.A. and Ph.D. Programs

Please view our Graduate School Information page (under the Advising tab).

Contact Information

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Location: 3308 Boylan Hall
Phone: 718.951.5311
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