Tutoring, Advising and Career Information

On the right-hand side, in the navigation panel, underneath the "Tutoring, Advising and Career Information" tab:

  • Click on "Tutors" to view a list of tutoring services avaiable.
  • Click on "Advising and Student Services" to view a listing of departmental advisers, their office hours, and what they can assist you with.
  • Click on "Checklists for Majors and Minors" to view and download checklists that outline the requirements for each major and minor that the Department of Philosophy offers.
  • Click on "Careers for Philosophy Majors" to view career-related information on what you can do with a philosophy degree.
  • Click on "Famous People Who Studied Philosophy" to view links to other websites that list the names of famous people who studied philosophy.
  • Click on "Graduate School Information" to view information on what to consider when seeking to pursue the study of philosophy in graduate school.