Spring 2014

The Philosophy Society was bestowed the honor of "Club Rookie of the Year" award by the Academic Club Association (ACA) for academic year 2013-2014.

The recipients of the Philosophy Department's Honors, Awards, and Scholarships for this year were announced and distributed on Thursday, May 8th. You can view the list of this year's recipients on the Departmental Honors, Awards, and Scholarships page.

The Sprague and Taylor Annual Lecture: "Philosophizing About Sex: A Sampler" took place on Thursday, May 8th. The guest speaker for this event was Professor Ronald de Sousa (University of Toronto). [Flier]

The Late-Antique, Medieval, Early Modern Faculty Group (LAMEM) Inaugural Colloquium was held on Thursday, May 1st. This event was chaired by Andrew Arlig (Professor, Brooklyn College). [Flier]

Ben Wasserman (BC Alumnus, Philosophy Major) held a conversation before the Philosophy Society on Thursday, May 1st regarding "The The Ben Wasserman Story: Philosophy to Comedy and Back!!!" [Flier]

The Open House for Advising for the Fall 2014 semester took place on Tuesday, April 29th during which students could meet faculty and departmental advisors to find out information regarding the department's Fall 2014 course offerings.[Flier]

The Cyber Privacy: Ethics, Policy, and Technology spring symposium co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department and Honors Academy was held on Thursday, April 24th. Anna Gotlib and Samir Chopra, two Brooklyn College Philosophy professors, were part of the panel for this discussion. [Flier]

The Sheila and Wilbur Liebson Ethics Colloquium: "Happiness and Morality - Is There A Connection?" took place on Thursday, March 27th. Speakers included Brooklyn College Philosophy Professors Christine Vitrano and Saam Trivedi. Themes from Professor Vitrano's book, "The Nature and Value of Happiness," (Westview Press, 2013) were discussed. [Flier]

Kafui Attoh (Murphy Institute, CUNY) spoke before the Philosophy Society on Thursday, March 13th about “Rights in Transit: The Struggle for Transportation Justice in California’s East Bay”. [Flier]

Colin Heydt (Princeton University / University of South Florida) spoke before the Philosophy Society on Tuesday, February 25th about “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Natural Rights in the Eighteenth Century”. [Flier]