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POLS 3416 The Politics of Queer Theory

4 hours; 4 credits.

Introduction to the concepts and themes associated with the development of the field of Queer Theory. Investigation of the connections among debates regarding the concepts of identity and power in Queer Theory and in the fields of Political Theory, Women?s Studies, and Lesbian and Gay Studies. Examination of essentialist and constructionist understandings of social identity. Exploration of the relationship between sex, gender and sexuality as forms of identification and power and other forms of identification and power such as race and class. This course is the same as Women's and Gender Studies 3359.

Prerequisites: Political Science 1001 or 1002 or 1003 or 1004 or 1005 or 1006 or Core Curriculum 1230 or Women?s and Gender Studies 1001, or English 1010 or equivalent, or permission of department.


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