SEEK Peer Tutoring

What Is Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a one-on-one or group tutoring service provided to SEEK students. Peer tutors are students who have either successfully completed the course they wish to tutor or who are majoring in that subject area. The SEEK Learning and Study Center's goals is to assist students in becoming successful in their courses through proven tutoring methods.

Peer tutors are expected to:

  • provide support, respect and encouragement to each and every student;
  • serve as role models by demonstrating leadership qualities (both behavioral and academic);
  • assist students in gaining and developing skills and strategies to help them succeed in the subject area(s) in which they are being tutored;
  • keep and maintain up-to-date records on each student;
  • attend each meeting, workshop and training session; and
  • help with any other duties, as assigned.

How Does Tutoring Work?

Students are scheduled with peer tutors by the tutoring coordinator. Peer tutors are expected to be on time and prepared for each of their tutoring shifts. They assist students in their courses by engaging students in conversation concerning the material and assignments and targeting specific areas of need for each student.

Who Are Peer Tutors?

Peer tutors are successful sophomores, juniors and seniors. Ideally, they have experience tutoring (those without experience will still be considered) and have strong academic records. They are capable of — and comfortable with — assisting other students individually and in groups. Peer tutors are personable, engaging and able to clearly and concisely explain difficult concepts.

How Do I Become a Peer Tutor?

Students interested in becoming a peer tutor should complete the attached application and submit it with other necessary documents (unofficial transcript, schedule, résumé and writing sample) to 2438 Ingersoll Hall. If you qualify, you will be contacted by the SEEK tutoring coordinator for an interview.


Prospective tutors must:

  • have a 3.00 GPA or better,
  • have earned a B+ grade or better in the courses they wish to tutor,
  • be enrolled full time,
  • be mature, responsible individuals dedicated to assisting others achieve academic success,
  • posses strong communication skills,
  • have attended Brooklyn College for at least one academic year, and
  • be able to attend each meeting, workshop and training session.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a peer tutor, please download the application and submit it to Peter Collazo in 2439 Ingersoll Hall.