What is the purpose of doing the Freshman Benchmarks?

The Freshman Benchmarks detail the behaviors and skills necessary to succeed at Brooklyn College, and their purpose is twofold. First, the Freshman Benchmarks tell the SEEK Department that you have been able to meet the new expectations required of college students successfully, especially those not required of you in high school.

Second, the Benchmarks give you the opportunity to reflect on how you have become an independent self-learner who has made clear and distinct advancement from the time you graduated high school up to the middle of your first semester. If, by the end of the fall semester, you have achieved these goals and recognize your progress, you will be well on your way to success at Brooklyn College!

Do I have to do the Freshman Benchmarks?

As an incoming SEEK freshman, it is required that you complete the Freshman Benchmarks. Failure to turn in satisfactory Benchmarks will result in you not being able to register for spring semester. Benchmarks submitted late guarantees that you will register late as well.

Do I have to do benchmarks every year?

SEEK students are required complete Benchmarks during the fall semester of their freshman year and the spring semester of their sophomore year.

Is Brooklyn College the only college that requires students to do benchmarks?

No, some other CUNY schools also require their students to do the Benchmarks.

Do I write each answer in one paragraph or in an essay format?

Each question must be answered in paragraph format. Only Benchmarks written with college-level writing skills will be accepted. You must edit your work before submitting the Benchmarks to your CUNY CAP. The department strongly encourages you to take your Benchmarks to the SEEK Tutoring Center, 1428 Ingersoll Hall, and have them reviewed by a tutor.

How long does the whole Benchmark report have to be?

There is no set length for the Benchmarks. As long as you answer each point completely and accurately, you will be fine.

What is considered a proof?

A proof is evidence used to support your written response to a Benchmark question. Proofs are acceptable only if they are both substantial and sensible. For example, Academic Benchmark A1 says “I will learn to follow a course syllabus.” An acceptable proof for Benchmark A1 can be a class syllabus given to you by your professor and annotated by you to demonstrate your understanding and use of that syllabus. A valid proof should clearly link what you say you have accomplished in your written response to what you have done that demonstrates the accomplishment. Keep in mind that your CUNY CAP, who is reviewing and grading your Benchmarks, is not a mind reader. Proofs should be clearly labeled and explained in your written response.

If I haven't experienced some of the events, how can I write something I don't know about?

The Freshman Benchmarks were given out and discussed in one of the Lunch and Learn session during the SEEK Summer Program. There is no excuse for students to have not experienced any events at Brooklyn College by the middle of their fall semester. If you have not yet started participating in Brooklyn College activities like academic lectures and campus clubs, the department strongly encourages you to do so immediately.

How can I schedule an appointment for the speech screening?

To schedule an appointment for the speech screening:

  1. Visit the Brooklyn College WebCentral portal.
  2. Click on "eServices."
  3. Go to "“Schedule and Appointment."
  4. Go "Speech Screening Interview."

What should I use as proof for College Life Benchmark G, "I will submit my FAFSA and other financial aid documentation by January 31, 2010," and College Life Benchmark L, "I will complete the Brooklyn College electronic evaluations of my teachers and classes in the fall semester?"

Proofs for these two Benchmark questions do not need to be submitted and will be based on the honor code. If you say you will do the two Benchmarks above, your CUNY CAP will give you credit for both the written and the proof.

What should I use as proof for Academic Benchmark H, "I will complete the Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) writing assignment on time according to the schedule?"

You do not have to upload a proof for this Benchmark. The proof will be a print-out of all students who completed the assignment. The list will be given directly to your CUNY CAP by the SEEK Department's technology coordinator, LongFeng Gao. If you have done the assignment, your name will be on the list and you will receive credit.