Probation Benchmark

Goals to Help Students Overcome Probation

The faculty of the Department of Educational Services/SEEK has developed a list of goals or benchmarks for students on probation. These benchmarks detail the behaviors and skills necessary to succeed at Brooklyn College.

Academic Benchmarks

I will:

  • review my program with my counselor,
  • find a study partner in each of my classes and exchange phone numbers and e-mails,
  • sign up and attend tutoring for at least two of my courses (ENG 1 or ENG 2 should be one of them),
  • do all the work for my classes, including homework assignments,
  • attend all class sessions and be prepared and on time,
  • not unofficially withdraw (WU) from any of my classes,
  • resolve any incomplete or absence (INC/ABS) grade by Feb. 24 and any absentee final grade by Feb. 10, 2006, and
  • study my syllabus and use a planner.

College Life Benchmarks

I will:

  • come to 2208 Boylan Hall for a CUNYCAP assignment,
  • meet with my counselor and CUNYCAP once a week,
  • complete my Monitoring Sheet weekly and return it to my CUNYCAP monthly,
  • report to my CUNYCAP, counselor and tutor if I don’t understand class assignments,
  • visit each of my instructors during office hours and discuss my work,
  • sign up for the CPE workshop if I have more than 45 credits, and
  • present a Progress Report Form to each of my professors and return it to my CUNYCAP.

Personal Benchmarks

I will:

  • identify and visit, during their office hours, a faculty member who might be able to provide career and academic advice,
  • plan a weekly schedule including class, study and personal time,
  • have a two-year plan to improve my academic progress,
  • complete and submit my Benchmark Report (pdf), and
  • complete my Probation Monitoring Sheet (pdf).

Probation Requirements

As a SEEK probation student, I will do the following:

  • Visit my counselor, CUNYCAP and tutor weekly, have them sign my monitoring sheet, and return it on the first of each month (Download a copy of the monitoring sheet (pdf).).
  • Have my program reviewed by my counselor by Sept. 6.
  • Sign up for weekly two hours of tutoring by Sept. 12.
  • Sign up for an additional one hour of English workshop if I am taking ENG 1.
  • Report to 2208 Boylan Hall and be assigned a CUNYCAP by Sept. 12.
  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Do all class and homework assignments, and keep up with the reading.
  • Be prepared and be on time.
  • Report to my counselor, CUNYCAP and tutor if I do not understand the classwork.
  • Study my class syllabus and plan my semester work for each course.
  • Visit each of my instructors during his or her office hours to discuss my progress.
  • Find a study partner in each of my classes and exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Not unofficially withdraw from any class.
  • Comply with all of the above and make satisfactory progress in all courses, otherwise I will not be allowed to register early.
  • Understand that I will be dismissed if I do not improve my GPA beyond 2.00.
  • Complete the Sophmore Benchmarks on time (if I am a second-year student).
  • Resolve any INC or ABS grades before registration.