The Sophomore Benchmark

Finding Your Major

The faculty of the SEEK Department has developed a list of goals or benchmarks for your sophomore year. They will help you select and succeed in your major field. These benchmarks detail some of the behaviors and skills necessary to succeed at Brooklyn College.

Academic Benchmarks

I will:

  • continue to employ Critical Inquiry techniques in my course work and demonstrate how they benefit me,
  • review my academic transcript, identify areas of weakness and strength, and develop a plan of action to improve my academic profile,
  • establish or join an ongoing study group for at least one of my courses and attend tutoring for at least one course in the SEEK Tutoring Center,
  • examine all my syllabi and create a semester calendar of assignments,
  • demonstrate improvement in my writing,
  • attend a workshop on the CPE in the SEEK Tutoring Center and take the CPE when I am required,
  • plan to complete the Brooklyn College Core Curriculumn, including the upper-tier courses, before my senior year, and attach a plan to do so,
  • learn to use the course equivalent tool for the new numbers of all my required courses, and
  • identify and visit, during office hours, a faculty member in my major.

College Life Benchmarks

I will:

  • review the Bulletin requirements and Schedule of Class offering for my major department's two-year cycle of courses and other courses I need,
  • plan a tentative two-year sequence of courses and review it with my counselor,
  • meet with my counselor to discuss my major or prospective major,
  • meet with my departmental major adviser to discuss the requirements for the major,
  • declare my major just prior to reaching 60 credits but not earlier than 55 credits,
  • understand the financial aid rules about how electives and pursuit of a major apply to maintaining my TAP requirements,
  • visit the SEEK Financial Aid Office to ensure that I am in compliance with filing of all financial aid forms and requirements,
  • analyze my rates of progress for financial aid purposes and plan for financing my college education, and
  • explore study abroad, internships and/or honors programs.

Personal Benchmarks

I will:

  • meet with a mentor or role model within or outside of the college,
  • engage in readings other than those required for my course work,
  • use the cultural resources of New York City in pursuing my education,
  • participate in an activity that supports a healthy lifestyle,
  • evaluate my need for further education regarding my career plans,
  • manage my personal finances,
  • maintain a schedule that balances the demands of school, work, family and social life,
  • actively participate in a community service activity,
  • participate in a campus or outside activity related to my career or major,
  • participate in club or ongoing campus activity, and
  • review and reflect on my Freshman Benchmarks and note areas of growth.

Assessing Your Progress

Last year, you completed Freshman Benchmarks with the goal of helping you adjust to college life. This year, the Sophomore Benchmarks will focus on declaring and pursuing a major.

You will keep an electronic portfolio of your achievements. You will assess your personal progress in each area: academic, college life and personal growth benchmarks. Your counselors and CUNYCAPs will be available to help you meet your goals and expectations.

On March 24, 2010, you will hand in your portfolio and your analysis of your progress online and in hard copy before you can register for fall 2010.