Transfer Benchmark

Academic Benchmarks

I will:

  • learn to become familiar with the Brooklyn College Bulletin, Schedule of Classes and Degree Works,
  • visit the Transfer Evaluation Office to inquire about credits that were accepted and courses from which I am exempted,
  • examine all my syllabi and create a semester calendar of assignments,
  • attend a workshop on the CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) in the SEEK Tutoring Center if I have not passed the CPE,
  • complete a writing-intensive course in my major,
  • complete requirements outside my major (i.e., screen for foreign language and speech proficiency),
  • learn to acknowledge the need for tutoring and accept the responsibility for participation in it,
  • attend tutoring for at least one course, and
  • file for senior check when appropriate.

College Life Benchmarks

I will:

  • learn my way around the Brooklyn College campus,
  • learn where to go for support (e.g., tutoring, financial aid, health services),
  • review the Bulletin requirements for my prospective major,
  • speak with an adviser of the department of my prospective major,
  • meet with my counselor to discuss my major or prospective major,
  • plan a tentative two-year sequence of courses using Brooklyn College Degree Works and the Bulletin requirements for my major,
  • declare my major once I have completed 60 credits,
  • participate in a campus activity related to my career or major, and
  • meet with a financial adviser to establish SEEK status.

Personal Benchmarks

I will:

  • develop ways to manage personal finances, loans and financial aid awards,
  • master strategies for balancing work, study, family and fun,
  • identify and visit during office hours a faculty member who might be able to provide career and academic advice, and
  • file for financial aid on time.