FIPSE Culminating Conference

Disseminating a Proven FIPSE-Funded Reform: A Culminating Conference

June 9 – 11, 2004
Student Center, Brooklyn College
Campus Road and East 27 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210
P: 718.951.5738

Overview of the Conference

The conference will present the results of nearly a decade of analysis and work which constituted the three FIPSE grants (DEP I, II and III: Making the Core a Reality for Disadvantaged Students). This conference provides a setting for the sharing and extension of our work and its results. Faculty across the nation have joined Brooklyn College over the past nine years in the enterprise and have forged a common bond based on similar professional needs to meet the challenge of helping at-risk students succeed in evermore-rigorous Core Curriculum and general education courses.

We at Brooklyn College believe that, through our work, promising solutions to the problems of underpreparation, especially in basic skills, are attainable using multicultural perspectives and core materials. We have developed a model curriculum and a curriculum/ faculty development process that have been adapted on 13 campuses. Further, we believe that no campus can adopt a curriculum unmodified that is not sensitive to the needs and goals of the campus.

Nine transportable elements have been identified as well as a process for adapting them. Key among them is Critical Inquiry (which is not synonymous with critical thinking). Critical Inquiry is a methodology requiring close reading, annotation and questioning, which enables students to gain control over their own learning.

The Brooklyn College SEEK Department invites you and your colleagues to join us and our colleagues from our 13 disseminating institutions to learn of our experiences — our successes and discoveries.

Conference Organization

The conference will be organized to allow each team to learn about the features of the Brooklyn College SEEK Model. The first session will be a history, overview and presentations of the research data. A plenary session will focus on how to make successful adaptations of proven reforms. The keynote peaker at this session will be Rosemary Wolfe, Chaminade University (former FIPSE program officer). Sessions will follow on the primary elements of the Brooklyn College SEEK Model, Critical Inquiry and Benchmarks for Success.

Team members will then follow their own interests in strands focusing on faculty development, summer programs, administration, assessment and other transportable elements. Follow-up concurrent sessions will afford opportunities to attend student panels, demonstration classes, workshops and presentations that explicate the application of the model on various disseminating campuses.

Breakout sessions will be interspersed with “Team Time” facilitated by members of the faculty and staff of the original disseminating colleges. Time for questions and discussion of the applicability of the Brooklyn College Model to the attendees' home campus have been built into the schedule.

For further information, contact Martha J. Bell.