Freshman Year Program

This program is designed for SEEK freshmen who have entered Brooklyn College but have not yet demonstrated competency on the CUNY basic skills assessment tests in reading, writing and mathematics. This program of college-level courses is designed to prepare students for the challenges of Brooklyn College's renowned core curriculum. Designed and revised under three U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) projects, this program is a national leader among innovative programs for students admitted through opportunity programs.

Students enroll in critical inquiry courses that emphasize reading, writing and/or mathematics skills. Cultural field trips including theater and museum visits, counseling sessions, and tutoring are an integral part of the program. In the fall semester, students still in need of more preparation join a block program or learning community in which they take college-level compensatory courses designed to prepare them for Brooklyn College's core curriculum. Courses include Textual Analysis I, Written Textual Analysis I, Oral Textual Analysis I, a social science or humanities course, counseling workshop, and a mathematics course. The pre-core curriculum continues in the spring for those students for whom it is appropriate. A post-freshman summer experience is also available.

If you have questions about the Freshman Year Program, please contact us.