Mayer Lab Dedication

The department's student computer lounge, in honor of our former chair, was dedicated on Feb. 24, 2005. Below are Dr. Satow's remarks.

Remarks from Dr. Roberta Satow

I'd like to welcome Egon's wife Marcia Mayer, the generous benefactor of this beautiful room, his mother, Hedy Mayer, President Kimmich, Provost Matthews, Vice President Steve Little, Associate Provost Jerry Mirotznik and all of Egon's friends and colleagues for joining us here today to celebrate the life and work of Egon Mayer and to dedicate "Connections: The Egon Mayer Room."

I'd also like to thank Charlie Ayes, the architect of this beautiful room, who worked tirelessly with Marcia and me to get this done.

I feel that Egon is smiling with delight at this accomplishment.

I know that he would be incredibly proud of Marcia for the love and work and money that she has poured into making this room comfortable and beautiful in his honor. And I know he would be proud that she has given this gift to the students of the Sociology Department at Brooklyn College.

No matter how successful and famous Egon became, he always loved Brooklyn College and felt he wanted to give back something to express his gratitude for all he felt the college had given him.

And no matter how much work Egon had to do, he always dropped it for a student who needed counseling.

He often bemoaned the fact that there was a never-ending amount of work to do as chair. I suggested that he close his door when he needed to get his work done so that he wouldn't be constantly interrupted.

But Egon looked me in the eye and said: "You know, Roberta, the students are our customers. If we don't answer their questions and counsel them; if we don't make them welcome and invite them to join us in our discussions, we will not have classes to teach. Students have to be our first priority, without them none of the reports or meetings matter."

This room is a tribute to Egon, but also to the students he loved.