Second-Degree Students

Applying for Admission for a Second Undergraduate Degree

Brooklyn College Graduates

Students with a first degree from Brooklyn College wishing to pursue a second degree must readmit to the college. Please click here for information on how to readmit. All students with a first degree from Brooklyn College must choose a major at the time of their application. Please see the section below on declaring the major with the department.

A student does not need to readmit if he or she attended the semester previous to applying for a second degree. Students in this category must complete a Status Change Form, and they are not charged the $10 readmission fee.

Students With a First Undergraduate Degree From All Other Colleges

Students who have obtained their first degree from any other college, be it domestic or foreign, will need to apply as an undergraduate transfer student.

Registering for Courses

Once admitted, each semester you will be mailed an appointment to register via WebSIMS accessible through the BC WebCentral Portal. If you require assistance registering, you can visit the Enrollment Services Center located on the first floor of the West Quad Center.

Academic Requirements

In order to be awarded a second undergraduate degree, a student must fulfill the general education, major and residency requirements.

General Education Requirements

  • English 1 and 2
  • Foreign language requirement
  • Speech screening and exemption or completion of the assigned speech course
  • Core Curriculum courses
  • Writing-intensive requirement

All General Education requirements must be fulfilled in order to obtain the second degree. Some General Education requirements may be fulfilled via courses taken toward the first degree regardless of whether the first undergraduate degree is from a foreign or domestic accredited institution based on a course by course evaluation of the transfer courses.

A student who transfers to Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree from another school in the United States is exempt from the lower-tier Core courses but must fulfill the six-credit upper-tier Core. Automatic exemption from the lower-tier Core courses does not apply to students with bachelor’s degrees from outside the United States. These students may be exempt from lower-tier Core courses based on a course-by-course evaluation.

Students whose first degree was awarded by Brooklyn College need not take additional upper-tier Core courses.

Advisement for General Education requirements is available at the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success, 3207 Boylan Hall, 718.951.5471. Appointments can be made through CAAT accessible via the BC WebCentral Portal.

Please click here for a full list of Academic Support Services.

Declaring a Major With an Academic Department

Please view the Web page for Undergraduate Programs and Advisers and/or the current Undergraduate Bulletin for available majors. Counseling for majors is available in each department. Please click here for a list of undergraduate departmental advisers and the available hours.

All students with a first degree from Brooklyn College who readmit to pursue a second undergraduate degree must choose a major at the time of their application to readmit. If the major requires consultation with the department, then a signed Declaration of Major Form from the department must be submitted with the readmission application.

Residency Requirement

Residence, which in this context refers to the number of credits that must be taken at Brooklyn College, is one of the requirements for a degree. Candidates for a bachelor's degree are required to complete at least 30 credits at Brooklyn College, including:

  • the last 18 credits taken toward the degree;
  • 15 credits in advanced courses in the major department, which must be completed with a grade of C- or higher in each course (some departments may require that students complete major courses with a grade C or higher);
  • two upper-tier Core Curriculum courses (students with a first degree from Brooklyn College may be exempt from the upper-tier Core requirement; see General Education section above); and 
  • the specific in-residence course requirements described under each department listing. 

Filing for Graduation

Students must file a diploma card at the Enrollment Services Center by the calendar deadline for filing for graduation. Students may also file for graduation online by going to the BC WebCentral Portal under the eServices tab, click on WebSIMS. All work must be completed in the semester of graduation. Candidates who filed previously and did not graduate must refile with the new graduation date. Refilling can be done only at the Enrollment Services Center.