Transfer Credits

All admitted transfer students will receive a Transfer Credit Report, listing all prior college courses and the Brooklyn College equivalents. If you are transferring from a college other than CUNY, you must provide an official transcript from each institution for a transfer credit evaluation to be completed. Once "in progress" courses are completed, a final official transcript must be submitted to Brooklyn College.

From a two-year institution, the maximum number of credits that may be applied to one's degree is 60 credits. From a four-year institution or a combination of a two-year and four-year institution, the maximum number of credits that may be applied to one's degree is 90 credits. Students seeking a second bachelor's degree will be awarded 90 credits. Transfer credit will only be granted from institutions that are listed on the student's admission application. Transfer credit for institutions not listed on the admission application may be denied. In addition, failure to list all postsecondary institutions attended will subject a student to disciplinary action and a review of the admission decision.

Transfer students may receive credit for courses equivalent to courses at Brooklyn College completed with a grade of D- or higher at colleges of the City University and/or with a grade of C- or higher at other regionally accredited colleges. For courses for which there are no specific equivalents at Brooklyn College, elective credit may be assigned at the recommendation of the academic department. Credit cannot be earned twice for the same course.

If a course was taken on a pass/fail basis at another institution, the official transcript must state that the pass grade equals a C- or better for transfer credit to be considered.  All final official transcripts must be received for the Transfer Student Services Center to complete a final transfer credit evaluation.

After the completion of 60 credits, no credit will be given toward the baccalaureate degree for work completed at a two-year college.

Use the BC Transfer Credit Tool to obtain lists of courses from your non-CUNY college that Brooklyn College has already evaluated and assigned Brooklyn College equivalent courses.

Visit the CUNY transfer credit website to obtain information on transfer credits between Brooklyn College and other CUNY campuses.

Visit the Transfer Student Services Center website for more information regarding transfer credit policies and procedures.