Provide an Internship

To remain competitive, our students need to prepare for their careers by completing one or more internships by the time they graduate.  We are looking for alumni who can provide internships at their organization, ideally paid internships.  Internships give students the opportunity to remain competitive for top-level jobs and help level the playing field.

If you can help Brooklyn College students get an inside track to internships in your organization, let us know. For information about our internship program, please contact Natalia Guarin-Klein at 718.951.5696 or

Support an Internship Stipend

Many alumni have also contributed as little as $50 to help support internship stipends.  Providing stipends enables students to take the internships they need.  Without this support, many students would be unable to leave their part-time jobs to take needed internships.  Since currently 65% of students who apply for a stipend do not receive one, we can use all the help we can get.  You can learn more about how the center works hard to level the playing field and the impact of your gift on the Magner Career Center's website.