How to File an ePermit in CUNYfirst (To Take Courses at Another CUNY College)

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below or view this guide with screen-shots.

  1. Login to CUNYfirst
  2. Student Self Service: Student Center
  3. Select ePermit from the drop down menu
  4. Select Term and "Add ePermit with equivalent course"
  5. Browse Catalog for Desired Course(s)
  6. Find CUNY equivalents (Fetch Equivalent CUNY Courses)
  7. Select Course (Request ePermit Column)
  8. Click ePermit form (the form will appear)
  9. Select Permit type, add comments if neccessary, verify and submit
  10. Once submitted, the status of the permit can be checked through CUNYfirst at any time by clicking "Search ePermit"
  11. ePermit approval does not mean a student is automatically enrolled for a course. Once an ePermit has been approved then the student must register for the courses on their own. In CUNYfirst the student will now have a term for the host CUNY school, as well as for Brooklyn College. When registering it is important to make certain that enrollment is done under the correct college and term.
  12. All tuition and fees for the permit courses must be paid to the home CUNY college.