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Ella Weiss '62

  • President of the Brooklyn College Alumni Association (BCAA)*
  • Trustee ex officio

Ella Weiss has been involved in education, the arts, and community affairs for her entire adult life. Her professional and volunteer achievements share a common thread—a singular and unrelenting devotion to the betterment and enrichment of Brooklyn as a whole.

Ella enjoyed an illustrious professional career at Brooklyn College. Prior to her appointment in 1995 as Assistant Vice President for College Relations, Ella was the Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Affairs growing the Brooklyn College Alumni Association (BCAA) into a national organization with chapters across the country. Before that, she served as the director of Community Relations and Audience Development for Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College (BCBC). She continues to be a member of the boards at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn College Alumni Association.

More recently, Ella served 16 years as President of Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), where she expanded programs and brought stability and leadership to the council. She enhanced its partnerships with borough, city and state agencies and helped develop innovative new professional services for individual artists and arts organizations in Brooklyn. Under her leadership, BAC became a prominent force on the cultural scene.

Ella holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brooklyn College, and has been recognized by numerous community organizations. She is the recipient of the Brooklyn College Alumni Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award and the President’s Medal from Brooklyn College. She and her husband Michael are lifelong Flatbush residents.

*The Brooklyn College Foundation and the BCAA have a reciprocal arrangement whereby the President of the BCAA is an ex officio trustee of the Foundation, and the Chair of the Foundation (or nominee) is a member of the BCAA board.