Why Give

I have never lost sight of the fact that my profession and satisfying retirement were due, in large part, to the excellent education I received at Brooklyn College. In gratitude I hope that my gifts will help others achieve their goals. — Gloria Santino '47

From a class on Willoughby to one on Joralemon, Brooklyn College was the best and is still the best. — Samuel S. Simon '36

Twelve dollars a year provided infinite space for learning (my professors and the library) and infinite love (my wife, Cora). The college remains the crown jewel of Brooklyn. — Sheldon Roth '60

Brooklyn College helped me understand the natural, social and cultural world, which prepared me to live and enjoy life. — Andrean T. Bertok '73

My days at Brooklyn College were tough. I spent the majority of my summers attending classes. However, the serenity of the grounds and the friends I made along the way made it all worthwhile. Graduation day was my most memorable moment. I can still remember it clearly! — Pamela S. Caddle '95