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Meet Professor Blamire

B Biography
  • Professor Blamire graduated from the University of Manchester in England with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Nucleic Acid fractionation.
  • His research interests range from Cell Biology to the use of computers in simulating biological phenomena.
  • He has published over 40 research papers in scientific journals and two introductory biology text books.
  • He is a Brooklyn College Tow Professor (2002-2003).
  • He lectures in Core Biology, is the Chairman of the Biology Department, is a member of the Appointments Committee (for the Department of Biology) and advises on the use of computers in academic programs.
  • He is currently working on a wide ranging project to bring multimedia into the Biology curriculum. This work is recognized internationally, and has been supported by a number of Federal grants.
  • In his spare time he plays chess against a computer, composes and performs music, and makes furniture.
  • He speaks in a funny English accent...
B See and Hear
  • Coming very soon to these Web pages will be opportunities to see and hear Professor Blamire. He will introduce the material and explain how to use it. However, your ability to see and hear the Professor will depend on the browser and plug-ins you are using with your browser.

  • Before trying out any of the following, you should check your browser to make sure it will work properly. If not, you may want to upgrade your browser software and add the necessary plug-ings before proceeding.

  • JB

    An Introduction to Science at a Distance

    Whenever you see this icon (the small face on the left) it means you will be able access a V-mail containing information and a digital video presentation that requires the "QuickTime" plug-in for your browser. It is available free from Apple Computer company.

    Watch out for presentations that feature Professor Blamire as he introduces the Science at a Distance Project and describes the various sources of information you will need. He is working on one related to microscopes right now!

    Try this one, click on the icon and see for yourself!


Science at a Distance
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