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Browser requirements

Best Browsers

The information and materials on these pages have been optimized for the Netscape and Internet Explorer family of web browsers. Each type of computer (PC or Mac) will have different ways of displaying and showing you the material. For consistent results, we recomend that you use browsers with the number 4.0, or higher. (Note: some people will have some problems with Explorer 4.5 running on a Macintosh computer).

No matter which browser type you use, spend some time in the "preferences" and "controls" sections and customize your browser to your liking (size of the fonts, for example) and to a series of setting that make the information available to you in a convienient and easy to use way.

If you are using a third party browser it should at least be capable of displaying "frames" on the pages. If it does not, you will not be able to see a lot of the material.

Plugins and Applications

These pages use three major types of plug-ins and applications;
  1. Sound applications: most sound files are currently compressed using the Macintosh audio ".au" system. More and more are being coverted to the IBM ".wav" system, you should have either a plugin or an application that can play such sound files.

  2. Shockwave: extensive use is made of the Macromedia "Shockwave" files and software. You should have the appropriate "Shockwave" plugin for your system and browser type. Without this plugin you will not be able to carry out the simulations and other interactive modules.

  3. Video and V-mail: Video clips and V-mails that appear from time to time on these pages need a browser plug-in called "QuickTime". You should add this feature to your browser by going to Apple computer company and following their directions for upgrading your browser. Once you have done this you should be able to see all the video, but the speed of your connection to the internet will determine the quality of the pictures you see.

Memory Requirements

If you choose to use either the Netscape or Microsoft browsers with the necessary plugins, we recommend that your computer hold at least 68 Meg of RAM memory.

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