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Biological Energy

This Bio-Module requires the use of the text book "Exploring Life" by Professor John Blamire.

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Quick Questions

1) Hydrocarbons are the main types of molecules found in candles?(True / False)

2) The flame on a burning candle is a chemical reaction taking place? (True / False)

3) The chemical reaction between wax hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules requires the input of energy; it is nonspontaneous? (True / False)

4) Living cells can only carry out spontaneous reactions? (True / False)

5) The energy stored in food is potential energy? (True / False)

6) Cells can join together monomers, such as amino acids, to form polymers? (True / False)

7) Synthesis is the joining together of smaller units to make larger structures? (True / False)

8) Cells do not need extra energy for synthetic reactions because they have enough already? (True / False)

9) Lipid molecules are high in kinetic energy but low in potential energy? (True / False)

10) The sudden release of a lot of the energy stored in food is dangerous? (True / False)

11) Adenosine Triphosphate has four additional phosphate groups attached to it? (True / False)

12) Cells use ATP as a source of energy when they run out of food? (True / False)

13) Removing a phosphate group from the end of an ATP molecule releases about 7300 calories of energy? (True / False)

14) Aerobic respiration safely transfers energy from ATP molecules into food molecules such as sugar? (True / False)

15) The first stage in aerobic respiration (with glucose as the starting molecule) is called the Krebs Cycle? (True / False)

16) During the Krebs Cycle carbon dioxide is produced? (True / False)

17) NADH molecules carry electrons but no energy? (True / False)

18) During NAD regeneration a lot of energy is released which is trapped in ATP molecules? (True / False)

19) There are four recognized stages in aerobic respiration? (True / False)

20) During glycolysis parts of sugar molecules are joined together and energy taken from ATP molecules? (True / False)

21) ADP can be made into ATP by the addition of a phosphate group? (True / False)

22) During aerobic respiration, energy is gently transferred from food molecules to ATP molecules? (True / False)

23) Candles need to use ATP to produce the heat and light? (True / False)

24) Energy is needed to join together ADP and a phosphate group to make a molecule of ATP? (True / False)

25) The ATP - ADP cycle will not work in cells with mitochondria? (True / False)

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