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What is Science at a Distance?

Science at a Distance

is a part of an experiment in distance education in which we are exploring ways of enriching our biology science curriculum. This web-site provides access to course materials in a manner free of time and space restrictions, and delivers interactive, active learning materials not possible with other technologies.

This multi-media approach to the understanding of biology can be used either to enrich the "lecture and laboratory components" of a traditional course, or as components in a completely virtual course.

If you click on the icon to the left, you may be able to see a V-mail message in which Professor Blamire introduces you to Science at a Distance.

Your browser will first be checked to see if it contains the required "QuickTime" plug-in. If it does not, you will be shown how to upgrade your browser.

The following materials are required or provided:- Exploring Life by Professor John Blamire
published by Professor John Blamire.
an introductory e-textbook that deals with the understanding of biology using a "principles" approach.
e learning modules

Join "Brother Gregory" in a class by yourself!
Interactive, active learning instruction in selected topics using text, graphics, video, sound and interactive software. All of these resources are accessible using a standard browser, plugins and the World Wide Web. Requires a computer with the appropriate browser software and an internet connection.

Graphics This site contains a large array of static and interactive graphic elements which go beyond those found in traditional text books.
To view the complete range of graphic elements, your browser should be equiped with the "ShockWave" plugin, and have JavaScript enabled.
Bio-Laboratory Simulations A series of computer simulations that complement and recreate specific laboratory experiments. For use in conduction with the "wet" laboratory exercises. Available over the World Wide Web, but requires a browser capable of using the "ShockWave" plugin.
Bio-Laboratory Workbooks A series of workbooks that describe and explain how to perform laboratory exercises in selected topics. These workbooks are intended for use in conjunction with "wet" laboratory experiments and provide companion exercises that use computer Bio-Laboratory Simulation software. Available over the World Wide Web, but requires a browser capable of displaying Available over the World Wide Web, but requires a browser capable of displaying "frames" and using the "ShockWave" plugin.
Meet Brother Gregory The fictionalized story of Gregory Mendel. Read how Mendel gave his first talk to the Brno Hatural History Society and what happened afterwards.
Links from this narative to all kinds of history, ethics, science and many different items of interest from the time of Mendel.
Investigations Become "Brother Gregory's Research Assistant" and help him investigate various research topics. Investigations are linked to Bio-Lecture Topics and require that JavaScript be activated on your browser.
Hint: if you get stuck, you can always ask Brother Gregory's Mother for help!

Science at a Distance
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