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Mendelian Genetics

Mendelian Genetics - Topic Outline

Inheritance of Sex-Linked Traits

A female x A male hemophiliac

A diagram of a Punnett Square showing the chromosomes involved in the inheritance of sex-linked traits.
The female had the genotype XHXH, and produced the two normal gametes seen at the left side of the diagram.
The male had the genotype XhY0, and produced the two gametes seen at the right side of the diagram.
The genotypes seen in the center of the square represent the possible genotypes of the F1 generation.
Two female offspring are produced for every two male offspring.
Both female offspring are heterozygous for the hemophilia trait and are considered carriers.
Both male offspring receive an undamaged X-chromosome and are normal.

Lecture Notes Mendelian Genetics - Topic Outline
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