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Lecture Notes - Part 3 Mendelian Genetics - Topic Outline

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Test Number MG-3025

Quick Questions

1) If a pea plant has red flowers then it has green seeds. (True / False)

2) Mendel saw that the gene coding for one trait did not affect a gene coding for another trait such as the height to which the plant could grow. (True / False)

3) Mendel showed that the inheritance pattern of one gene was independent of the inheritance pattern of a second, unrelated gene. (True / False)

4) It is not possible to create pure breeding plants that have red flowers and are tall growing, both at the same time. (True / False)

5) A plant with white flowers and short in height has the genotype rr:Tt, because one of the height genes is damaged. (True / False)

6) A "Two Factor Cross" involves crossing two different plants each of which carries one gene that is different. (True / False)

7) If a plant that carries the genotype RR:TT, it can produce two different sex gametes; R-containing gametes and T-containing gametes. (True / False)

8) All the zygotes in a two factor cross are haploid. (True / False)

9) All the F1 plants in Mendel's two factor cross were Red flowered and half of them were tall. (True / False)

10) During the second round of Mendel's two factor cross, the Red/Tall F1 plants were mated. (True / False)

11) The sex gametes produced by the F1 plants all contained an R gene. (True / False)

12) Half the sex gametes produced by the F1 plants contained a t gene. (True / False)

13) Four different sex gametes were produced by Mendel's F1 plants. (True / False)

14) Chromosomes and the genes they carry sort themselves out into sex gametes independently of one another during meiosis. (True / False)

15) At fertilization, a sex gamete from one plant with an R-gene can only fuse with a sex gamete from the other plant if it has an r-gene. (True / False)

16) When Mendel grew the F2 generation of plants he found some new phenotypes. (True / False)

17) Some of the F2 plants in Mendel's two factor cross had red and white flowers. This was a new phenotype. (True / False)

18) In humans, the sex of an individual is determined by gene(s) carried on the Y chromosome. (True / False)

19) If a person has a Y chromosome, that person has the ability to produce male sex gametes after meiosis. (True / False)

20) A person with an X and a Y chromosome can produce two types of sex gametes. (True / False)

21) If an X-containing gamete fuses with an X-containing gamete, the zygote will be phenotypically female. (True / False)

22) X-chromosomes have no other genes. (True / False)

23) Y-chromosomes are only involved in sex determination. They do not have the gene for blood clotting proteins. (True / False)

24) A person with two X chromosomes, but with one damaged blood clotting gene, is a hemophiliac. (True / False)

25) A person with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome and one damaged blood clotting gene is a hemophiliac. (True / False)

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