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Mendelian Genetics

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Mendel - Part One

Phenotypic Trait

A phenotypic trait is a small, discrete part of the outward, physical manifestation of an organism.


The collection and configuration of all the genes coding for all the phenotypic traits of an organism.

Gene Combinations

In simple Mendelian traits, paired genes occur in three distinct combinations; e.g. RR, Rr and rr.

Dominant and Recessive

In some situations, the products of one form of the gene mask the effects of the alternate form of the gene when they are in a heterozygous combination.

Patterns of Inheritance

Mendel was successful in deducing the nature of a plant's genotype because he understood how the patterns of inheritance could be explained using a binary system of controlling genes (or "elementes" as he called them).

Diploid and Haploid

Cells or organisms that contain two sets of chromosomes, DNA and genes are said to be Diploid whereas cells or organisms that only contain a single set of chromosomes, DNA and genes are said to be Haploid

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Lecture Notes - Part 2 Lecture Notes - Part 3
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