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Lecture Notes

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Mendel - Part Two

A Typical Cross

A genetic cross is a breeding experiment carried out under carefully controlled conditions.

A Typical Cross - Round Two

Offspring from the first round were then used as parents for a second round of crosses.

The Importance of Numbers and Ratios

In his notebooks wrote down the actual numbers of seeds which grew into plants showing the experimental traits. Then he did some calculations.

The Results

A Single Factor Cross. In a typical experiment Mendel chose as starting parents ones with distinctive differences; Red flowers on one parent and White flowers on the other parent.

Interpreting the Results

Mendel was a genius. He was able to take the results seen above and deduce the nature, combination and inheritance patterns of the "elementes" that were controlling them.

The Consequences

If Mendel was right with his three guesses, there were certain consequences that could be tested. If the tests/experiments gave the predicted results then the guesses could be correct.

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Lecture Notes - Part 1 Lecture Notes - Part 3
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