MATH 7311T Teaching of Advanced Placement Calculus AB & BC

60 hours; 4 credits

This course is designed to prepare AP calculus teachers to help develop their students? understanding of calculus concepts, methods and applications. This course will involve both the study of calculus and the teaching methods of calculus, using a multi-representational approach. Participants are expected to have completed Calculus III with success and therefore, this course will focus on deeper understandings and will assume that participants are familiar with the basic introductory calculus ideas. Participants are also expected to have command of a graphing calculator. We will examine calculus concepts graphically, numerically, analytically and verbally. Both the AB and BC AP calculus exams will be investigated and problems will be solved using multiple approaches. This course may not count towards a master of arts degree in mathematics.

Prerequisite: Math 4201 [11.1] or its equivalent


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