How does financial aid get paid to the school and to students?

The process begins by filling out the FAFSA and TAP applications. Once the applications are complete, the Brooklyn College Office of Financial Aid has to complete checks on any student that is selected for verification by the U.S. Department if Education. Not all students are selected for verification, as a matter of fact most of our students are not required to go through this step at all. However, for those who are, the Office of Financial Aid must compare information from a student's FAFSA application with information that a student submits for review. Once that review is completed, only then can a student's financial aid awards become available for payment. A student can then also submit a Federal Direct Loan application for processing (must be registered for at least 6 credits in their division of matriculation). 

To stay in compliance with federal rules and regulations, any student that fails to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP), is in a non-degree program, is in default of a student loan or otherwise is not eligible to receive financial aid. 

How to view your financial aid awards in CUNYFirst?

Now that you financial aid has been approved for payment. It will be loaded on your CUNYFirst account as 'pending financial aid'. The Office of Financial Aid has created guided instructions on how to view your financial aid award information in CUNYFirst and on the CUNY portal. Please note that 'pending financial aid' awards that appear in CUNYFirst, does not mean pending eligibility, but simply pending disbursement. The Bursar's office takes into consideration all 'pending financial aid' when performing cancellation of classes. However, you should ensure that your financial aid awards meets or exceeds your tuition and fee cost with no remaining balances owed to the college. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that your approved and posted 'pending financial aid' award amounts will never reduce the outstanding semester tuition and fee balance until they have actually been disbursed to the college as an official payment. 

Check under our DISBURSEMENT DATES section for further details.