How does financial aid get paid to the school and to students?

The process begins by filling out the FAFSA and TAP applications. Once the applications are complete, the Brooklyn College Office of Financial Aid has to complete checks on any student that is selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education. Not all students are selected for verification, as a matter of fact most of our students are not required to go through this step at all. However, for those who are, the Office of Financial Aid must compare information from a student's FAFSA application with information that a student submits for review. Once that review is completed, only then can a student's financial aid awards become available for payment. A student can then also submit a Federal Direct Loan application for processing (must be registered for at least six credits in their division of matriculation). 

To stay in compliance with federal rules and regulations, any student that fails to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP), is in a nondegree program, is in default of a student loan or otherwise is not eligible to receive financial aid. 

How can financial aid awards be viewed in CUNYfirst?

A new financial aid self-service option has been implemented via CUNYfirst that will allow students to do more and see more with their financial aid. We encourage all students to regularly check their Brooklyn College e-mail for important financial aid updates and notifications, as this will be the college's primary method of communication.

We also strongly recommend that you read the Guide to Enhanced Financial Aid Self-Service Information (pdf).

Important: All students selected for verification will be communicated with. via e-mail and CUNYfirst. The "to-do" list, under the "Self-Service" option, in the "Student Center" tab, and all financial aid related items under the "to-do" list must be completed before aid can be applied/viewable to a student's account as "pending aid."

Check our disbursement dates section for further details.