Master four to six semesters of Latin or Greek in a single summer at the LGI.

Latin/Greek Institute

The Latin/Greek Institute offers total-immersion programs in Latin or Ancient Greek that enable students to master the material normally covered in two to three years in a single summer. Founded in 1973 as a collaborative effort between Brooklyn College and the City University Graduate Center, the institute is the most intensive summer language program of its kind. All programs are team-taught by experienced instructors. Hourly rotation of faculty provides for exposure to a variety of approaches, and faculty closely mentor and advise students.

Our graduates typically return to their home institutions prepared to excel in advanced or upper-division reading courses and to pass graduate departmental translation exams.

No auditors are permitted in the programs of the Latin/Greek Institute. Admission is by application only.

The institute is held at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan. The Graduate Center is easily accessible by all major means of public transportation.