Our professors are genuinely interested in our students’ lives.

Faculty encourage students to assist with their research.

Our faculty are experts in their field.

General Education

If you are looking for a sound, well-rounded liberal arts education, then look no further than Brooklyn College.

Throughout your education here, you will learn to:

  • think critically and creatively,
  • effectively express your thoughts,
  • make sound ethical judgments,
  • integrate knowledge from diverse sources, and
  • become an informed and responsible citizen of the world.

You will acquire in-depth knowledge within your major area of study complemented by an understanding of a broad range of topics important in our global, 21st-century society.

Beginning in 2013, Brooklyn College is integrating its well-respected Core Curriculum into the new CUNY-wide model known as Pathways. For new students, as well as current students who choose to opt in, Pathways incorporates many strengths of the existing core while simultaneously streamlining the transfer of courses between all CUNY colleges.