Continuing Students

Opting in to Pathways

Students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree at Brooklyn College and are currently enrolled in courses have the choice of continuing with the Brooklyn College Core Curriculum or opting in to the Pathways Curriculum. Review the differences between the two and then speak with an adviser about opting in.

If you choose not to opt in and stay with the Brooklyn College Core, you do not have to do anything.

If you choose to opt in, you cannot change your mind and go back.

Guidelines to Consider

  • You should not opt in to Pathways if you have completed all of your Core courses.
  • You are required to follow Pathways if you are an entering Brooklyn College freshman in fall 2013 or a Brooklyn College student returning after an absence of more than one semester.
  • You should consider opting in to Pathways if you:
    • are a freshman or sophomore,
    • are a transfer student,
    • are in a major that requires a statistics or other math course,
    • have not yet fulfilled your foreign language requirement,
    • are in a major that requires science or anatomy courses,
    • have not completed all of your Core courses,
    • have not yet fulfilled your speech requirement, or
    • transferred to Brooklyn College with an associates degree.

Keep in Mind

  • The Brooklyn College Core Curriculum is 39 to 51 credits, and Pathways is 42 credits.
  • Brooklyn College Core Curriculum science courses are four hours / three credits; Pathways science courses are three hours / three credits.
  • More courses, such as Statistics, fulfill Pathways requirements. (See list of approved alternative courses.)

Still Not Sure?